Bed Bugs Pest Control Services

Color: Amber to reddish, depending on how recently they’ve fed.

Characteristics: Broadly oval and flat.

Size: Adult bed bugs measure 3/16 inch long which is approximately the size of an apple seed.

Potentially Dangerous: No

Description: Bed bugs are ectoparasites of primarily humans. They are often detected in hotels and facilities with high occupancy turnover. Bed bugs arrive on visitors and their belongings. They also travel on second hand items including used mattresses and furniture. An occupant of the home may bring them back from a vacation or a business trip. If they’re exposed to an infestation in a hotel, school dorm, apartment building or other commercial facility it may result in a problem at home. Documented reports of bed bugs in airplanes and public transportation are also a concern. Bed bugs are nocturnal pests. During the day they hide and then at night they become active, emerging from their hiding spots to feed.

Nesting Sites: Bed bugs will hide behind baseboards, outlets, window frames, under flooring, in the cracks of walls, in the cracks of wooden furniture, in stuffed furniture, behind picture frames, in linens, and of course in the cracks of or underneath of mattresses and box springs.

What Are the Signs of Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bugs leave behind several signs that they have decided to make your home their home. Signs of bed bugs include:

  • Seeing actual adult bed bugs in your home.
  • Finding small spots of blood on mattresses and bed linens
  • Noticing tiny brown droppings (feces) on mattresses and bed linens.
  • Finding piles of exoskeletons that have been shed by growing nymphs on floors or under your mattress. In a large infestation, you may notice a sickly sweet smell in the air of your home.


Bed bugs don’t transmit disease. They do bite and reactions to bed bug bites vary, some people experience small red welts that often appear in a line. This is often referred to as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bed bugs are not dangerous but they’re certainly stressful and can be costly to remediate.

Do I have to Replace mattress

No, you do not need to throw out your mattress, instead encase your mattress with a special bug-proof cover that zips over the entire mattress. Mattress encasement works to prevent bed bugs that may still be in your mattress from getting out, and will also prevent any new bed bugs from infesting it in the future.