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Texas Scorpion Types & Characteristics

Color: Varies by species. Texas has 18 species of scorpions, but the most common scorpion found in Texas is the striped bark scorpion.

Characteristics: Scorpions are typically found under landscaping materials such as paving stones, as well as logs and rocks. They usually don’t like extreme cold or hot temperatures and tend to look for water and a more comfortable environment when it is hot and dry. As nocturnal creatures, they often hide during the day and become active at night. Since they have flat bodies, it is easy for them to hide in small cracks and await their prey. Scorpions have a highly developed sense of hearing but usually rely on their sense of touch, because they don’t have the best eyesight, which is surprising. They have two to five pairs of eyes around their head in addition to two eyes on top of their head. Their most recognizable features include two claws, or pincers, to hold their prey, as well as a long tail with a stinger on the end. They use their stinger to paralyze prey and to defend themselves when threatened.

Size: Up to 8½ inches long, although most Texas scorpions are around 2-3 inches

Potentially Dangerous: Yes

Description: Scorpions will sometimes enter homes to find a more hospitable environment during periods of extreme temperatures, especially in hot and dry weather.

Striped Bark Scorpion

The striped bark scorpion is considered to be a medium-sized scorpion. It is usually no more than 2¾ inches long. Its body is pale yellow, with two dark stripes that run down the length of its back. They are easily camouflaged, as their coloring often blends in seamlessly with their environment, which helps them hide from predators and gives them an advantage in surprising their prey. These scorpions usually live in southern-central states of the US, but can be found as far northwest as Colorado and as far east as Georgia and Florida. They are also common in northern Mexico.

Arizona Bark Scorpion

This variety is a bit larger than the striped bark scorpion, typically reaching a little over 3 inches. They are light brown and can cause fatalities in animals and children. It would be best if you always avoided these scorpions, as their sting can cause temporary dysfunction and extreme pain.

Texas Cave Scorpion

These scorpions are also common in Texas, but they typically live in a different environment than the striped bark scorpion. As their name implies, they usually live in caves. As they are most often found in rocky areas, you may also see them in limestone features and grottos.

Giant Hairy Scorpion

Although the giant hairy scorpion is one of the largest found in the United States at about 5½ inches, it is rarely dangerous to humans, as its venom is not very potent. It often feeds on other scorpions, as well as snakes and lizards. It is a yellow scorpion with a dark top and brown hairs all over its body. These hairs detect vibrations in the soil.